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Flawless, a Claire Fontaine novella

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Beauty is fleeting, but dead is forever.

For senior Claire Fontaine, just being beautiful won't cut it; she needs to be the most beautiful girl at Edgemont High. It takes a certain amount of sacrifice, but it's well worth it.

After the horrific death of another Edgemont teen under questionable circumstances, Claire finds herself in that most unthinkable of situations: unattached and with the senior ball just weeks away. Luckily, a new boy arrives in town just in time to rescue her. Not only is Trevor hot, he's flawless.

But soon, questions begin to arise surrounding Trevor and the suspicious timing of his arrival. Who is he? Could he be somehow connected to the recent death? How can someone be so perfect?

Claire's newfound happiness begins to crumble after she finds herself the target of someone with a deadly agenda. Can she do what is necessary to save herself and Trevor? Is she willing to make a much greater sacrifice to maintain appearances?


A Note from the Author:

Dear Reader,
In writing "Flawless," I wanted to tell a story about a girl who would do anything to maintain her beauty. Anything. In fact, in keeping with the theme, I had originally planned to title the book "Skin Deep," and to have the main character, Claire Fontaine, suffer a fate befitting her shallowness. But then I fell in love with Claire; she turned out to be a lot deeper than I had originally thought. I didn't want to just kill her off.

But isn't that the case with most people we meet and get to know? No matter how simple they may seem to be on the surface, so many of them turn out to be a lot more complex, a lot more interesting. And, in the end, maybe shallowness isn't really all that bad. Is it? Because, in the larger world of all possibilities, sometimes, hidden away in the dark, murky depths, far beneath the surface of the known world, there are terrors much, much worse.

I hope you enjoy reading "Flawless" as much as I enjoyed writing it.
San Francisco, CA
November 16, 2011

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