The One Percent Solution

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The One Percent Solution

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 346 pages5 hours


Inept burglars Tony and Bill Perrine sneak in to steal a valuable painting from an office where it is on display only to find after all their trouble that it was moved to a local college art show as a temporary exhibit.
An art collector and thief currently handicapped by injuries anonymously hires them to steal the painting from the art show for him. The brothers sneak in to steal the painting and accidentally destroy half the art show learning that the special canvas it is moved elsewhere overnight for extra security.
The next day they learn there is more to the hush-hush one percent solution to protect the painting but with that hard-earned knowledge they return a second night and steal the canvas along with a bunch of other ones - only to have the collector steal those canvases from them while leaving them to get the blame. Determined to get revenge they manage to be found by the police without any incriminating material. Then they identify the collector and make a secret visit to his mansion where they change things around before they make an anonymous phone tip to the police that leads to the discovery of a roomful of stolen art in the mansion and a lot items he can see are missing but he can’t report that that to the police so the brothers have the last laugh and a stock of art items to convert to cash.

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