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Is Titanic Rising?

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Reluctant seer Adrian Barakat foresees the Titanic rising and sailing for New York, then is called on to suggest why this happened and how to prevent a possible disaster. The lead theory is that the spirit of a strong-willed woman who went down with the ship is causing this in an attempt to reunite with the man whom she loved before he dies. While the world speculates about the “love that defies even death” Barakat must try to help the navies stop the ship before even stranger and scarier things happen.
When the ship rises as predicted there is great wonder. When the ship steams for New York there is great concern since Barakat also had a vision of the ship reaching there amid massive destruction. Attempts to stop Titanic with torpedoes or another ship placed in her path fail. The situation is complicated by a woman who bought the rights to the ship if it ever refloated on its own and who now boards it to prevent the navies from damaging it while trying to stop it. She takes on the entity that is causing the event and despite her determination and preparations she loses that fight.
Barakat recommends that the Navy fly the dying love interest out to meet Titanic so the ship need not go to land to allow the couple to reunite while there is still time. Despite protests from some of those in charge, that is done. People all around the world hold their breath and hope as they watch that old man’s arrival at Titanic by helicopter on live TV broadcasts.

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