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Lisi Reynolds doesn't believe in ghosts, God or supernatural garbage, so when a new customer hires her to clean a haunted house, Lisi assumes the customer, not the house, has a problem. She's unprepared for what she discovers. The house is saturated with despair and hopelessness emanating from a strange pinwheel design Lisi calls the deathwheel. When Lisi's friend Brenna schedules an appointment in the same house, she fares worse than Lisi did. Brenna emerges demon-possessed.

Now Brenna's life depends on Lisi unraveling her only clue for why she was protected in the house when Brenna wasn't--lilies. Lisi keeps smelling lilies and eventually starts finding them. As the demon grows more vicious in its attacks on and through Brenna, Lisi must decide whether she's willing to risk her own life and sanity in the battle for her friend's soul.

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