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Silent Night Violent Night: a Cory Goodwin Mystery

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Silent Night Violent Night: a Cory Goodwin Mystery

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars4.5/5 (4 ratings)
Length: 254 pages3 hours


Cory Goodwin and Lilah Darnell were comrades-in-arts at Mount Holyoke College. Now Cory--the daughter of NY private detective Archie Goodwin--is a freelance journalist; and Lilah's the trophy wife of publisher Bruce Easton. At the Eastons' posh Connecticut Christmas party, Cory spots a scoop: famous biologist and soon-to-be author Henry Howrigan. According to the buzz in Boston, Henry's involved in a brewing conflict--but with whom? Does Olive Chute hope to lure him away from Harvard to Chute Labs? Is rising star Jeff Abels trying to edge him out? Is Bruce sleeping with Henry's editor, Melinda Doerr? Is Jeff sleeping with Bruce's secretary? Is it just coincidence the same guests were here last summer when Bruce's son drowned in the pond? A blizzard strands the party overnight--including gate-crasher Tony Cyr, Melinda's ex-husband and Bruce's ex-partner. They both insist Tony's behind the nasty practical jokes that have everyone desperate to get out of here. When the pranks escalate to murder, Cory has to decide if Tony is the ally he claims to be, or the killer.

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