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Originally written for an RAF Apprentice Association, the author has widened the appeal. Are you a serving member, veteran or aspiring recruit to the Royal Air Force? A civilian interested in the RAF, aeroplanes, fast cars and motorcycles, perhaps? Whether young or old, the author respectfully pleads; what will you do when you die? Three times death stalked him! He served on several Canberra bomber squadrons. God was merciful, keeping him safe until he knew real Christianity. You must read this before you die. The author pulls no punches. This is not for the squeamish.
Included in the Appendix, is his personally researched time line including the last days. Jesus Christ will return physically to Jerusalem to rule for 1000 years on this earth, then Judgement Day. Our spiritual state now, will determine what we will be doing in the future. There is very good news and very bad news. The author humbly recognises that he doesn’t have all the answers. He is an ex-RAF erk, a lowly Corporal. Though not a Reverend or a Pastor, nearly fourty years of hard knocks practical Christianity has given him some clues. The Holy Bible, the infallible Word of God, reveals all we need to know about salvation and what we will do after death.
Britain and much of the western world lives in a so-called post-Christian society. In little over two generations the man-in-the-street, let alone school children, are almost clueless about Biblical Christianity. The author, with his typical Yorkshire forthrightness, hopes you will give him a hearing. He has great compassion for those in the armed forces, especially the R.A.F., whilst his crucial concern is for those who die totally ignorant of what they will do after death.

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