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Never Too Late for Love

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Characters from other novels in the Eastman Family and Friends series in Never Too Late for Love: Heart's Desire, That Old Black Magic, The Look of Love, Too Hot to Handle

"This romance tale is incredibly "on the mark". Monica Jackson "put herself out", with this book. "Never Too Late For Love", a realistic love story gives energy to singles over 40. Many African American romances features characters in their mid-to-late twenties and early thirties. Understandably when people meet and connect in the mid-life stage, they have issues unresolved and unfortunate skeletons "shaking their bones" to wreck havoc and make some noise. Jackson tells a sexy, down-to-earth tale that many romance fans have been wishing and craving for. Tiffany Eastman and Jason Cates have a great deal of flame and fire from the on-start and mature romance readers are in for a treat. I had to put off some much needed chores for this one, and I have not regretted reading this book uninterrupted yet. Monica Jackson has her best romance to-date, and "Never Too Late For Love" has put her at the top of my list of romance authors."

"I fell in love with Ms Jackson's work after reading "The Look of Love", the story of Carmel, a full figured woman who came to realize that true love is not just for women who look like supermodels. But I think that this new book is even better!

This story features Tiffany, a "40 something" woman who has endured a variety of problems in her life, but who is ready for a fresh start. She moves to St Louis and stays with Jason, a widower who hasn't been with a woman since the death of his wife. And sparks fly!

The thing I'm starting to see in Ms Jackson's work is that she is doing away with the old stereotypes in romance novels, of the young, white gorgeous woman getting the guy. She shows us characters who are much more like ourselves, fighting through adversity and finding true, fulfilling love with a great man."

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