The Last Of The Con-men

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The Last Of The Con-men

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Length: 288 pages4 hours


Robbie Robertson was a ruthless ex-soldier from Los Angeles. He had become the leader of a gang of bank robbers. He however, had never taken part in any one of the robberies, even though he took most of the loot for himself. The rest of the gang had had enough of him and decided they were taking off to Jamaica without his knowledge after one final heist in which a security guard was killed. Robbie was angry when he had found out what had happened and vowed to find them if it took every cent he had. He found out where they were and he went there and employed the services of two of Jamaica's most notorious criminals and together, they eliminated his cronies one by one. But Robbie didn't stop there, he went about wiping out all of the witnesses who could identify him if he was caught, including the two notorious gunmen whom he had employed. But he had made one mistake, or rather two, when he left cigarettes butts on two crime scenes, butts that were unknown in Jamaica and which were noticed by one of Jamaica's finest detectives, John Williams.

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