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Lotta Losers

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Maddie Dullboy, identified by those behind the scheme as “the face of Mrs. Everyman”, is conned into signing a contract that under the guise of making her the winner of a contest requires her and husband Jake to pose for print and video ads for a token payment of one dollar, all other payments going to the scheme organizers - but the Dullboys must pay all costs of the shoots.
Since she admits she signed the contract without reading it, Maddie and Jake find little sympathy for their situation. The law won’t help so they decide to become too much trouble for the Ad people to deal with so that any demand for their services will end.
A land deed, a statue, and State Lottery tickets that were added to the contract as sweeteners to get Maddie to stay in the Lotta contest take on value after the Dullboys win them and various people jump through hoops trying to persuade the couple to part with those items - or to simply steal them from them.
When one of the State Lottery tickets wins big, the Lotta organizers declare the whole thing void so they can reclaim that ticket but when the dust clears the Dullboys are rich from the State Lottery and everyone who played tricks has a comeuppance. It is not clear if they are much warier about signing things without reading them though.

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