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Aardvarks in the Clouds and Other Flights of Fancy: 55 Humorous Poems

204 pages50 minutes


Prizewinning poet, John Howard Reid, feels that humorous poetry is more effective if it is enlivened with clever rhymes and follows some sort of metrical scheme, no matter how loose or amusingly inconsistent that meter may be. In fact, Reid believes that humorous verse should have a cheeky look about it that adds to the fun. The more inventive a humorous poet is, the funnier his or her verses will be. The stanzas themselves should look enticingly amusing. All the poems in this anthology are new and were especially written for this book over a period of three years. Reid just loves to play around with words, but he knows when to restrain himself and just pen a rollicking but straightforward narrative. He has even re-worked a few traditional nursery rhymes and given them new faces. With its delightful mixture of both long and short poems, this book is intended mainly for adults. Children don't readily appreciate satire, but if a child does dip into this anthology, he or she will come to no harm.

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