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12 Secrets To Swoon Your Mate Under $12

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It's called romance. It is inside all of us, yet we refuse to use it, afraid to use it, or don't know how to use it. Q. Stovall takes the reader into the basics of romance and explains many of the reasons why the spark in a relationship dies. He provides 12 secrets- also called exercises- you can do that may leave your mate speechless. These exercises are under $12 and through the basics, he teaches you the fundamentals of dating on a budget. You will be able to create priceless experiences whether you are single, dating or married.

In 12 Secrets To Swoon Your Mate Under $12, you will also learn:

A simple technique for swooning your mate using a greeting card
Learn the 4s of swooning and why they are important
Discover 10 facts you must know about your mate, no matter how long you have known them
Learn three recipes a 10 year old can cook and how to make the meal romantic
The absolute best times of day to swoon your mate
Learn secrets that can have your mate talking about it for weeks, (some experiences your mate will never forget)
And much more!

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