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Bomb Squad (Hired Action Thriller Series #4)

44 pages25 minutes


Frank's first day on the job is not going well. With four insane co-workers and being demoted to the bomb squad as 'punishment', his life is definitely taking a turn for the worse.

However, this is one day on the job that Frank is never going to forget. The terrorists are back and this time they want him dead. There's also a field full of unexploded ammunition and a village of angry Iraqis to deal with. Life was never so hard for Frank.

Can Frank survive this encounter? Will he be able to save the lives of his comrades, or will they perish in a storm of blood and bullets? Download to find out.

# Content:
- Bomb Squad (3,000 word story)
- Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story])

# Other Titles In This Series:
- Hired (Hired #1) a.k.a Body Counter
- Hired 2: Downgraded (Hired #2)
- Body Counter and Downgraded (Combined Story Pack)
- Driving Major Temple (Hired #3)
- Bomb Squad (Hired #4)
- Driving Major Temple and Bomb Squad (Combined Story Pack)
- Hired: The Collection (Stories 1-4)
- Showdown (Hired #5)

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