The Ferret Has Landed
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Sebastian Avon, newly ennobled with a scrape-pass BA in nothing whatsoever useful, has returned to the family home, Bumble Bee Cottage, to plague his parents and four younger brothers.
When new neighbours, the snooty Fanshaw-Browns, move in they bring with them several cupboards full of skeletons and a rather flimsy cover story to conceal their true identities. They are planning to renovate the place with the assistance of Prudence Dent – dubbed The Ferret very early on in their relationship by Mrs Avon, due to her unfortunate, bossy boots manner and unfailing talent for getting up everyone’s nose, if not their trouser leg. And The Ferret is not short of a few decayed bones herself.
Unlike his brothers, Sebastian is smitten and follows The Ferret around like a poor man’s Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on a sartorial off-day, as she systematically destroys the beautiful old house, displaying a dearth of artistic talent but great aptitude for digging up the cellars and ripping out cupboards. They become engaged – and with typical social ineptness make their announcement at a funeral wake.
Dangerous secrets lay buried in the past and in Brother House – what is the connection between those secrets and the Fanshaw-Browns? Finding out will not be easy - or safe. There is murder in the air...

Published: Nell Peters on
ISBN: 9781465973290
List price: $0.99
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