Club Kill (Sinner Action Horror Series #2)

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Club Kill (Sinner Action Horror Series #2)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 40 pages23 minutes


The Sinner is back and he's here to collect! This time his target is an ancient necklace worn by the biggest whore in the club: Jang 'Pussy' Wang.

Unfortunately, Jang's father is the city's most powerful crime lords. One phone call later, the Sinner has 10 cars loads of gangsters on his tail. However, this is just how he likes it and a huge gang war erupts with him at the center.

Who will win the war, the gangsters or the Sinner? Download and find out inside!

# Content:
- Club Kill (3,000 word story)
- Body Counter (Hired #1 [Promotional Story])
- Word Count: 6,500 words
- Page Count: 34 Standard Book Pages

# Other Titles In This Series:
- Blood Soaked (Story #1)
- Club Kill (Story #2)
- Blood Soaked and Club Kill (Combined Story Pack)
- Area 51 (Story #3)
- Fight To The Death (Story #4)
- Area 51 and Fight To The Death (Combined Story Pack)
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