Aid Agency Swindle (Tank Science Fiction Series #4)

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Aid Agency Swindle (Tank Science Fiction Series #4)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 39 pages22 minutes


President Thompson wants the aid agencies support and he will do anything to get it. In steps Tank, our favorite mercenary/cyborg, to secure that support.

With the help of the mafia and a bit of ingenuity, he gets a list of missions together. Number one is freeing a mine worked by slaves. Unfortunately, when Tank gets there he finds more than he bargained for in the form of the infamous mercenary, and Tank's nemesis, Steel.

With the situation quickly getting out of control, can Tank pull it together one last time to defeat Steel and free the slaves? Download and find out inside!

# Contents:
- Aid Agency Swindle (3,000 Word Story)
- Body Counter (Hired #1 [Promotional Story])
- Word Count: 6,300 words
- Page Count: 34 Standard Book Pages

# Titles In This Series:
- Future Forces: Tank (Story #1) a.k.a Tank Nuclear
- Mercy Mission (Story #2)
- Tank Nuclear and Tank 2 Mercy Mission (Combined Story Pack)
- Warriors of War (Story #3)
- Aid Agency Swindle (Story #4)
- Warriors of War and Aid Agency Swindle (Combined Story Pack)
- Tech Wars: The Collection (Stories 1-3 + 2 Bonus Stories)
- LA Brawl (Story #5)
- Kidnapped (Story #6)
- LA Brawl and Kidnapped (Combined Story Pack)
- Tank Upgraded (Story #7)
- Die, Tank, Die! (Story #8)
- Tank Upgraded and Die, Tank, Die! (Combined Story Pack)
- Lone Wolf (Story #9)
- Tech Wars: The Collection 2 (Stories 4-8)
- Assassination (Story #10)
- Lone Wolf and Assassination (Combined Story Pack)
- Tank: The Total Package (Stories 1-10)

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