Manny Guzman's mother died when he was six. That's when his father started to hit the bottle -- and him. To escape the abuse, he roamed the streets of his California coastal home. He would have become another kid living from one garbage can to the next except for three people. Benny "The Duce", the recluse druggie, Mr. Kruetzer, the Jewish deli owner, and Roger Elam, the YMCA Judo teacher. Each is guided into Manny's life for a purpose. Manny is special as a result of something that happened during the first war in Heaven. That war is no longer being fought there, but on earth, and the final battle is close at hand. Lucifer's armies were doing well, but he wants total victory. Finding a way back in time, he sends his best lieutenant to prevent Noah from re-establishing a righteous line of humans. To counter that move, G-d sends his best warrior -- sixteen year-old Manny Guzman. The problem? Manny has no idea what's going on until swept back to become Noah's guardian.

Published: Sean Patrick O'Mordha on
ISBN: 9780982984253
List price: $1.99
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