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One Buck Horror: Volume Four

52 pages37 minutes


This latest volume in the critically-acclaimed One Buck Horror anthology series features five tales of terror from around the globe. These soon-to-be classics feature ghosts, monsters, and other things that haunt the night, offering plenty of scares for casual readers and dedicated horror fans alike!

In "Hanal Pixan" by Erath Juarez, the Day of the Dead is a time for telling scary stories, and no one tells stories better than Grandfather. He spins his tale while the children listen, and on a night where all things are possible, his stories take on a life of their own.

Two brothers become rivals for a woman's love in "Theridia" by Mark Onspaugh. But when that rivalry turns deadly, a sleepy Old West town begins to give up its secrets, secrets that lead to the terrible truth about the object of their desire.

Walter became caretaker of North Brother Island for the solitude, but he soon finds out that it's not nicknamed "Zombie Island" for nothing. Now he's surrounded by friends, and determined to make the best of it, no matter what the cost in "Walter's Friends" by Nick A. Zaino III.

In "Bayani's Promise" by M. R. Jordan, Bayani's mother made her promise that she'd always be home before dark. It's a promise she's been able to keep, but when opportunity leads to distraction, Bayani finds herself in a race against time, and the things that pursue her in the dark.

The ghost of his mother is screaming at the top of the stairs, and Jimmy can't take it anymore. His missing eye gives him a different way of looking at the world, but is he seeing things as they really are? Find out in "In the Eye of the Beholder" by Kristine Ong Muslim.

Be sure to check out the other thrilling volumes in this ongoing anthology series, and watch for new volumes coming soon!

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