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Driving Major Temple and Assassin (Two Story Pack)

63 pages37 minutes


# Content:
- Driving Major Temple (3,000 word story)
- Assassin (3,000 word story)
- Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story])
- Word Count: 10,200 Words
- Page Count: 56 Standard Book Pages

# Driving Major Temple (Hired Action Thriller Series #3)
Frank is back with his biggest challenge yet: Driving Major Temple, a hard boiled army officer.

Frank must fight for his life as the Major drags him from nightmarish event to event in his own personal war on pornography and prostitution in the military ranks.

From scene to scene the battle escalates to the point where Frank and the Major end up taking on an underground Marine run prostitution ring in one of Bagdhad's worst areas. Is the Major hard boiled enough to survive? Can Frank skim through this without serious injury or death? It's another major story from Frank's action packed life in Iraq.

# Other Titles In This Series:
- Hired (Hired #1) a.k.a Body Counter
- Hired 2: Downgraded (Hired #2)
- Body Counter and Downgraded (Combined Story Pack)
- Driving Major Temple (Hired #3)
- Bomb Squad (Hired #4)
- Driving Major Temple and Bomb Squad (Combined Story Pack)
- Showdown (Hired #5)

Assassin (Spy Espionage Series #4)
Sean has a lead on the location of a man that he suspects is behind a project that may cause havoc in on the world scene if realized.

The information leads him from contact to contact as he goes in search of his target. Soon he finds himself facing off with the soldier Rick and his nemesis Mr. White.

Can he survive the fight for his life that is coming, and will he be able to take out his target? Download now to find out!

# Other Titles In This Series:
- North Korean Nuke (Story #1)
- Russian Team (Story #2)
- North Korean Nuke and Russian Team (Combined Story Pack)
- Trapped (Story #3)
- Assassin (Story #4)
- Trapped and Assassin (Combined Story Pack)
- Spy: The Collection (Stories 1-4)

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