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Nobody said writing fiction was going to be easy. Take chances, make the courageous, daring choice. Write hard. No one wants to read another version of what's come before. No one wants the same thing, warmed over, and served cold. This is a time to be bold and foolish with your writing; you just might like the outcome.

Truths about Write Hard:

This is not your English professor’s book.

This will not be the last book you ever purchase about writing.

If you’re a seasoned writer looking for a kick in the pants, head directly to Pep Talks and Ass Kickings.

What Write Hard is: bold, sassy, slightly irreverent, inspiring, and different.

I hope you can find something useful.

The Table of Contents:

Start Here: Stealing Ideas, or How to Lie Like a Pro
Essential Element 1: Conflict is Plot, or I Just Want a Damn Drink of Water
Essential Element 2: Characters are People Too
Essential Element 3: Setting, or Where the Hell are We?
Dipping Your Toes in the Editing Pool
Sleight of Hand: Two Techniques for Writing
Writing Prompts for the Idea Poor
The Internet is Your Friend
The Tool Kit*
A Master List of Characters for Improvised Stories
Master List of Situations for Improvised Stories
Master List of Settings for Improvised Stories
Possible Products for RAFTS
Pep Talks and Ass Kickings

*Includes over 500 characters, situations, settings, and writing prompts because who really needs writer's block?

Published: Aaron Polson on
ISBN: 9781465791108
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