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Infinity Age Ninja and The Ninja God (Two Story Pack)

63 pages37 minutes


# Contents:
- Infinity Age Ninja (3,000 word story)
- The Ninja God (3,000 word story)
- Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story])
- Word Count: 10,300 words
- Page Count: 53 Standard Book Pages

# Infinity Age Ninja (Ninja Action Thriller Series #5)
Two years of struggle has passed since his battle with the Ninja Emperor, yet even with countless days of training Kreal has not been able to reach anything near his past level of power. Now, he and his old adversary, Zou, turned temporary trainer, must face off with an ancient ninja of incredible power. Is this the end of Kreal? Find out inside.

# The Ninja God (Ninja Action Thriller Series #6)
Kreal has the Golden Crane's scroll and is searching for the secret to the technique that returned his powers (if even for a moment). A spill of an ink well reveals a secret he could never have guessed at and his journey begins.

Weaken from the lose of his glyphs, he finds help in his friends and they fight a mighty battle with an unknown force to find the secret of the Cave of Masters.

However, inside waits more than Kreal's salvation. Something dark and powerful lurks inside and is hungry to get out.

Can Kreal find the reprieve he needs while still protecting his friends and keeping the dark mystery that hungers for his life locked up? Download to find out.

# Titles In This Series
- Village Gangster (#1 Short Story)
- Wife Stealer (#2 Short Story)
- Village Gangster and Wife Stealer (Combined Story Pack)
- Escape Artist (#3 Short Story)
- The Ninja Emperor (#4 Short Story)
- Escape Artist and The Ninja Emperor (Combined Story Pack)
- Ninja: The Collection (Ninja 1 to 4)
- Infinity Age Ninja (#5 Short Story)
- The Ninja God (#6 Short Story)
- Infinity Age Ninja and The Ninja God (Combined Story Pack)
- Rock Ninja Attack (#7 Short Story)
- Ninja Domination (#8 Short Story)
- Rock Ninja Attack and Ninja Domination (Combined Story Pack)
- Ninja: The Collection 2 (Ninja 5-8)
- Ninja: The Total Package (Ninja 1-8)

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