The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mysteries 3)

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The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mysteries 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (182 ratings)
Length: 352 pages4 hours


Adrien English isn't really a detective, he's a bookseller and mystery writer who has a knack for attracting real life mischief and mayhem -- much to the displeasure of his sexy, sometimes-boyfriend, closeted homicide detective Jake Riordan.

When bookstore assistant Angus falls afoul of a Satanic cult, Adrien falls afoul of Jake -- but despite the fact that his amateur sleuthing is playing hell with his love life, Adrien can't help but delving into this case of kooks, cults, devil worship, and human sacrifice.

(A Lambda Literary Award finalist)

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