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A magical tattoo.
An ancient power.
One seventeen year old boy.

Indy is a normal kid. That is, as normal as the son of a billionaire can be. He has spent most of his life away from his family in elite private schools. But now that he has graduated Indy is returning to his family’s new home in Northern California. That’s when things go sideways. A freak electrical storm follows his father’s discovery of an underground cache of ancient artifacts that appear to have magical properties. Unfortunately for Indy and his family, a barrier of shimmering lights surrounds the discovery, preventing the artifacts or people inside, from leaving. Governments across the globe struggle to gain control of these artifacts but a greater threat hides within the aurora, waiting in the shadows. When the world needs a hero, will Indy be the one to rise up against the darkness and become the Guardian everyone needs him to be.

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