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One if by Air, Two if by Sea

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This is a very interesting read. A little "technical" in spots but flows very well. I enjoyed the mix of the "old school" detective persona and the "21st century" type scenario. The mix was very well done. Characters are real and believable. Very interested in the next book by this author. A recommended read that gets better and better.
-D. McPherson, Maryland.

What if everything you ever believed turned out to be false, that everything that who and what you are, turned out to be engineered? Former F16 Pilot and Chicago police officer Nicholas "Mad Dog" Pantera, now a Private Investigator for hire, is drawn into a shadowy world of intrigue, murder and suspense. Hired by a shady insurance company to investigate two seemingly unrelated "suspicious" deaths, he discovers that not only are these deaths actually linked, but have a much more expansive and sinister undertone lurky in the murky shadows.
Investigating a strange oceanic world of beautiful mermaid models, he encounters lies and betrayals, multi-national corporate greed and human manipulation at the cellular level.
37,644 words.

The Nicholas Pantera Series:
One if by Air, Two if by Sea
The High Road Less Traveled
The Last Dance Can Be Murder (now reviewed by Kirkus)

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