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Venice in History

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The history of Venice is a fascinating and compelling story that will interest travelers and non-travelers alike. From its beginnings as a fishing village in ancient times, the Republic of Venice rose to become the wealthiest nation in Europe by the time of the Italian Renaissance. The wealth is manifest in the magnificent art and architecture that one sees in the city today.

Venice in History is a fresh, engaging introduction to Venice's glorious past. The reader will experience Venice when it was known - at least by the Venetians - as the Serene Republic. During those many centuries while the rest of Europe slumbered, Venice effervescent and alive was the most exciting place to be in the world.

The book is written from a broad perspective and covers many topics: the spice trade, the building of ships, the challenge created by the Portuguese discovery of the sea route to Asia, and the trade competition with England and the Netherlands. Venice in History also explores Venetian achievements in art, architecture, music and science.

With an appreciation of the richness of its past, the reader experiences Venice as more than a city of canals and timeless beauty. It becomes a personal place where one can almost see Galileo, Titian, Vivaldi, and the merchants of spices and cloth discussing the news of the day while walking among the tourists on the Rialto and the Piazza San Marco.

The author holds a graduate degree from Harvard University.

Venice in History will appeal to anyone who is planning to visit or who has already visited this captivating place. It will also appeal to anyone who is simply interested in history well written.

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