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Petros Spathis

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Life has been good to Petros Spathis: he has just finished his BA in Economics from the University of Athens with the highest marks in his class, and he is offered a professorship on the condition that he acquire a Master's degree from a North American university. He is also handsome and charming and catches the hearts of many women, including an Italian Canadian girl, Samantha, and a Greek beauty, Madga. Despite a job offer by the University of British Columbia and Samantha's pleading that he stay in Canada after receiving his MBA, he goes back to serve his home country.

However, being an idealist, Spathis is compelled to help his students in their struggle for freedom of speech and speaks his mind about what the government should do in front of the formidable school trustee, Colonel Prodromos Alvarezos. He is dragged from his office by police and imprisoned.

Petros Spathis's close friend, Colonel Stathis Vikas, uses all his power to pressure the government to release Spathis; his students stage demonstrations for his freedom, and Samantha exerts her Canadian influence to rescue him. Will Spathis be freed? Or will he be buried in an unmarked grave by the junta?

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