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For Lovers of English: 100 English Abbreviations

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A friend of mine once told me that the English language is being taken over by T.L.A.s I confess I had to ask her what T.L.A.s were. “Three Letter Abbreviations!”.
I should have guessed. In a way, she was right. Abbrevations, and not just T.L.A.s, are everywhere: You can see them on the BBC and CNN; and if you’re P.D.Q. you can read about them on A.O.L.
This book may have you L.O.L. at times and hopefully some R.O.F.L. as well but there are some serious abbreviations as well. It’s not a heavy, academic tome with every abbreviation that ever existed. It’s a book for everyone, regardless of your A/S/L. It doesn’t matter if you’re a N.E.E.T. or an M.E.P., a M.I.F. or a T.I.F.; there’s something here for you.


How to use the book.

Well that is completely up to you. There are 100 abbreviations divided into 10 different sections. I suggest you just do one section at a time. Any more and you could O.D. on abbreviations and if they take you to a hospital we don’t want you to be D.O.A.

Step One: Look at the abbreviation. You may know it, or you may need a little help.
Step Two: If you need help, go to the next page where you can see the abbreviation in context. This may serve to jog your memory or give you a very good idea of what the abbreviation stands for. Got it now?
Step Three: Go to the next page where the correct answer is revealed.

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