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With the advent of many leaders falling short, we need to ensure our future is lead by a strong group of men and women who will pull this country out of it's rut.

This guide is meant to foster thought and interaction so that leadership qualities are identified and developed among teenagers. There are some resources identified and a ten step plan to help guide a person along the growth path

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Teen Leadership - David Osborn

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I wrote this book to point out that our next generation of leaders will come from our teenage sons and daughters. However, there are some tremendous gaps in their overall leadership pool and personal drive to outperform previous generations before them. This is broad statement and not meant or directed at those that are setting high standards and goals for personal achievement. However, we do need to instruct, teach, and introduce fundamental concepts that will provide the cornerstone to their future decision making so that we do not continue along a path of greed at all costs types of profits and self destructive behaviors.

Please don't take me wrong and say I am against free enterprise and competition. I'm not! I believe that we are the best country in the world and provide the best opportunities for those that want to succeed and get ahead in life. I'm not against the 1%'ers either. I am against those small and select few that right rules and work with their friends in Congress to pass legislature to provide toxic loans and business processes to make themselves and their friends rich. While the American people pay for all their bad decisions. In most cases, those decisions were premeditated. If this were a murder trial, they would face premeditated murder. After all, they did kill the housing market.

Do not let the actions of a few destroy the possibility of our younger generation learning and growing from those of us that have been there and done that. We need to pass along what we have learned and teach those younger people a lesson or two. Those lessons should focus around innovation, self development, and creative