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0 Fields of Fire

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Fields of Fire is the prequel to the Flight of the Armada series. The people of Thuringa are driven from their dying homeworld and set out with the last vestiges of their home for a world far from their longstanding adversaries, the Shargassi. With 80 percent of their population dead, the survivors fight continued Shargassi attacks, hunger, fear, boredom and their biggest challenge - each other. For the ruling Phillipi family, the challenges are many. King Lycasis knows there are malcontents who want to overthrow his rule. Queen Oriel senses something more troubling in Prince Stuart's unhappy marriage than he realizes. Prince Darien gleefully challenges staid traditions even as he works to preserve the Thuringi way of life. Princess Carrol overcomes the crushing loss of her husband with the help of his brilliant mechanic Gareth Duncan. Gareth knows something about loss; he is the only Duncan left. Brent Ardenne, Stuart's brother-in-law, is a member of Thuringi's minority Aquatic race and in charge of the oceanic ship Freen. Royal guard Glendon Garin uses his specialized training to prevent a diplomatic disaster as the Phillipis and their kinsmen find out the hard way which Stellar Council worlds are friends and who might betray them.

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