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Remember when we were children and we had the kind of energy and flexibility to play for hours? Agile and active, we could twist, bend, stretch and climb with little effort.
However many of us get more sedentary the older we get. We spend more and more time sitting in place, staring at a TV or computer screen. Extended hours of little activity and poor posture take their toll, and eventually our backs start to hurt and cramp with every movement. We start feeling “old.”
In Back Fitness Program: Keys to Pain-Free Youthful Back, the father-daughter team of Drs. Paul and Patricia Bragg aim to bring back the effects of a strong and flexible back, rejuvenating and re-energizing our bodies in the process. Worldwide health pioneers for decades, the authors bring to their readers the keys to a healthy spine and pain-free back muscles through a series of nutrition and exercise recommendations as well as other tips for posture and massage.
The back is a remarkable structure of about 30 vertebralbones, not including the skull, the ribs and the pelvis, as well as a complex layer of muscles that provide movement. Through this section of our bodies run the nerves that send messages from the brain to the body and back. It is vital, say the authors, to maintain the proper functioning and health of our backs to preserve the health of the rest of the “human miracle machine."
The back takes a lot of punishment, from the heavy weights we lift inappropriately; to the slumping and slouching that distributes our weight unevenly and causes soreness and poor circulation and nerve function; to the demand we place on them when we ask our backs to support our excess weight. The authors guide readers of the book to take a look at their own backs and how they are treated, and give them steps to correct the accumulation of bad habits that resulted in sore, aching backs
Paul C. Bragg, originator of health stores in America, and his daughter, Patricia, are world-renowned health crusaders. They have changed millions of lives through their books, teachings, lectures and media appearances.

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