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Third Warp

270 pages3 hours


Alternate Time, Inc.
A division of Third Warp

No street or email address, no company website, not even a phone number. No date either. He skipped over his mailing address properly aligned left to read:

Dear Mr. Hansom,

Congratulations on your recent decision to take advantage of our offer. We hope you find our latest time-line continuum to your complete satisfaction. If, at the end of your 14-day trial, you find unacceptable the many opportunities and amenities afforded with this, our finest product to date, you may cancel and owe nothing.

We appreciate your business.

B.S. Deviltree, CPO

Baffled, Scott looked to the "amount due" column, his heart promptly skipping several beats at his gasp for air.

Life as you knew it.

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