Chimpanzees in Dungarees
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Going... Going... Gone!

When did you last see a Chimpanzee in Dungarees? Laughing at a Sexist, Racist and Homophobic Comedian? Holding a Baby Called Keith? Sitting next to a Newly Wed Virgin? Eating a Meat Paste sandwich and drinking a pint of Mild Ale? And how long is it since you went to a Tupperware Party? Attended by a member of the Deferential Working Class, a Football Maverick, a Bus Conductor and a Streetwise Dog? And have you recently seen anyone in a Woollen Balaclava? Wearing a Shellsuit? In a Reliant Robin? With a Pools Coupon Collector and Spinster wearing an 18 Hour Girdle in the back?

Fashions come and go, technology advances, social acceptabilities change, and gender roles shift. There are so many reasons why something can be everywhere one day and on the slippery slope to oblivion, the next. Chimpanzees in Dungarees has more than ninety such disappearing things. Part satire, part nostalgia, part autobiography, part social commentary, this book has been written with one sole objective. To take the proverbial and have a laugh... or is that two objectives?

Published: Chris Whitfield on