To Dance Amongst The Stars

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To Dance Amongst The Stars

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Length: 232 pages3 hours


A long time from now in a galaxy we call home... It is the twenty-third century and scientists, dreamers, crooks and believers have bridged the vast cosmos, staking their claims where distant suns burn fierce in the sky. Yet for all of humankind's technological marvels, life for many is far from a wondrous fairytale.

A petty thief is offered riches to steal a very special device, but has he let the genie out of the bottle? Can a poor, down-trodden kitchen slave find her prince in the shape of a young, dashing space captain? A priest is rescued after a quest to find the mythical alien home world ends in disaster, but who is the mysterious stranger wearing his boots? A man caught up in a war wonders if he can go on, so why does a hologram taunt him by showing the greatest blunders of his life? A trader and his young daughter seek refuge in a mysterious starship crewed by a beastly robot, but she can she stop herself being spirited away for good? It is supposed to be the season of goodwill! This collection brings together the 'prequel' seasonal short stories from the space-opera worlds of the Hollow Moon series.

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