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Index to the 1930 King Jack Newspaper Picher, Oklahoma

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This project was undertaken to assist the researching public and the Oklahoma Historical Society. The index was produced, with the permission of the Oklahoma Historical Society, using a microfilmed copy of the 1930 King Jack newspaper, currently housed at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. William D. Welge, C.A., Director of the Archives and Manuscript Division, has been so very helpful in this project. His encouragement and guidance is always greatly appreciated.
The newspaper was a staple of the small lead and zinc mining town of Picher, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, during the early years. All issues of the 1930 King Jack newspapers were not available for microfilming, but this is the most currently complete microfilmed copies available at the History Center.

As is often the case with early day newspapers, there were no page numbers. For that reason this index treats each newspaper in the way the microfilming process occurred. Therefore, page one of a newspaper, as we know it today, may actually be the last page of the 1930 newspaper, due to the microfilming method. Each King Jack was chronologically microfilmed by edition date, beginning January 16, 1930 and ending with the partial November 13, 1930 edition. Not all newspapers were in pristine condition or even complete, but they were microfilmed, none the less. There are cases of duplication on the microfilm...

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