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Yakuza: End of Angels (Book #1)

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Rough and unmerciful, the underworld of Tokyo is not a place for the weak and unwary.

Shin is an 18 year old thief whose life is about to be thrown deep into the underworld society of the Yakuza. Violence, action and betrayal follow him as he stalks the one that stole the only family that he had left with a single stroke of the man's sword. Shin has vengeance on his mind and rage in his heart that will only be put to rest through the killer's death.

This is the journey of one man seeking revenge in the gritty violent world of underground crime.

Additional Information:

'Yakuza: End of Angels' is the first book in the Yakuza Series, which includes 'Kamikaze Killer' (book 2, forthcoming, working title) and 'Big Time Hitman'(book 3, forthcoming, working title). This e-book also includes two short stories from authors Kenneth Guthrie and Laura Fantasia (Tank Nuclear and Strippers and Stockings), who are also a part of the Lunatic Ink Publishing family. This book is about 45,000 words in total.

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