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Ed e. Ellis calls for the elimination of Congress, Wall Street, Tax Code, Military, Banks, Drugs, Lobbying, Alcohol, Nicotine, Non-Profits, Post Office, and the Political Ads & more. (Reasons, solutions)
Line Item Veto (retroactive) A must ,prevents the stalemate games of Congress that create the very earmarks and pork, deficit spending, lobbying into debt.

Ed ‘s answers to homelessness ,ineffective counsel,drugs,elimination of schools,privatizing the post office,auto insurance,job solutions,creating a tax on home sales,and more.

This is not an option change must take place fast and hard america is dry drowning !

I encourage you to get out and help make the change either join the occupy movement and help them gain focus and a mission, or get out and start your own initiative.

Get off the couch for change your grand kids and their gran kids are counting on you to be the next founding fathers .

Read some of the imperative quotes in this book.

Get inspired to force the change.

Make the change into dollars !

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ISBN: 9781465798930
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