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Aldara's Quest (Ashes to Ashes)

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Seventeen year old Aldara has had visions for as long as she can remember. As a child she had been told they were the product of her overly active imagination. But when her most haunting and heartbreaking premonition comes true she is faced with the destruction of her entire village and the deaths of everyone she ever knew and loved. Led by her visions she is forced down a path that questions all she has ever known but also leads her to discover her true destiny.
As the illegitimate daughter of Zeus, God of The Seven Realms, and a mortal mother with an affinity for magic she must survive the dangers that await her on a quest to save herself, her beloved Idris, and determine the fate of The Seven Realms. She begins her search for the gateway between the realms and find the gatekeeper who will be her guide on her pursuit for truth.
Katarina was once one of Zeus’ greatest adversaries, but after her failed attempt to take over the realm of the Gods she was forever banished and sent to live her life in the forest. Refusing to accept defeat Katarina corrupts other supernatural races in hopes of waging war and defeating Zeus once and for all to take her place as assumed Goddess and leader of The Seven Realms.
With the discovery of Zeus’ heir her dreams are just within reach. The death of Zeus’ daughter becomes her obsession. By luring Idris, Aldara’s trusted friend, with the promise of becoming her Mortal King and ruling beside her, Katarina sets her plan in motion.
With the help of Sprite warrior Phora, The Ash Tree Sisters, magic, and her visions, Aldara can only hope to have the strength and courage within to make it to the Gatekeeper alive.

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