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The Preacher

276 pages4 hours


After a long and exhaustive search, the pulpit committee of the small Crown of Thorns Baptist Church has found a dynamic new preacher. Owen Tisdale is experienced, savvy, and knows how to pack the pews. There's just one problem: the once peaceful congregation has begun to unravel. At first, it's just little things: new members with new opinions, an ambitious public relations campaign, and old members with nightmares. But when opinions become arguments, campaigns create staggering debt, and nightmares become illness, accident, and rape, questions must be asked. And the most frightening question of all is: what if the devil himself has just been hired as senior pastor of Crown of Thorns Baptist Church?

Set against the seemingly mundane backdrop of church committees, Sunday school, and Wednesday night services, The Preacher is part thriller, part horror - and an edge-of-your-seat read.

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