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Real Food 4 Real Families

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I started my cooking experience at a young age watching my grandmother throw things into a pot while telling my brother and I stories about the great depression, and how her mother used to cook for her and her siblings. My brother was more interested in what was going on outside the kitchen window but I listened to every word.
My grandmother never used a measuring spoon or cup. And some how it turned out the same every time. This amazed my young brain. As I grew older I was allowed to experiment in the kitchen. Some of my favorites I have included in this book. When I was old enough to get out on my own I found I really enjoyed cooking, and my friends seemed to enjoy eating whatever I came up with. My mother and I have spent hours on the phone discussing recipes and new ideas and how to make things even better. Once I discovered homemade bread I never looked back. My oldest child had homemade teething biscuits and homemade animal crackers.
I continued the tradition with my own children when they were old enough to sit still. All 4 of my children enjoy playing around in the kitchen and coming up with their own recipes. I love to be in the kitchen with them, it can be very crazy sometimes but it makes for some wonderful memories.
So many families today see cooking or meal planning as a chore. It should be fun, and an adventure to new tastes and worlds. We need to put passion and fun back into our kitchens. Let the kid’s help you plan, shop and cook the meals. Not only will they learn how to cook, but they will also learn how to budget and plan. In today’s economy most people try to save as much money as they can. But no one wants to cut the grocery bill especially when the cost of food is on the rise. It isn’t healthy or good on the wallet to feed your family prepackage frozen meals. With just a little planning and budgeting you can feed your family for a fraction of what you do today.
I have compiled some our favorite family loved recipes so that you too can enjoy ...
Real Food 4 Real Families.

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