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Josiah Justice: Living out Loud

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Josiah Justice is an everyday lukewarm kid whose world is absolutely turned upside down when he comes face to face with the highest power of the universe. The Christian walk takes on a whole new meaning when the Master entrusts various supernatural powers to the young boy. Armed with nothing but faith, Josiah enters an unseen spiritual realm of angels, demons, miracles, and warfare. Readers embark on an incredible spiritual journey as they live out the adventures of Josiah and the uniquely gifted team over which he is given charge. Transported through time and space via an invisible elevator, Josiah wages war on evil, restores justice, learns Bible history, builds Christian character, and cultivates an intimate relationship with his Creator. Fiction and truth collide, teaching young and old that they have a God-given purpose on this earth and an abundance of genuine God-given power with which to fulfill their destiny.

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