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...Sorry, Wrong Number: Suzie B. Mystery #1

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If you haven’t been fascinated by her brilliant Sherlock Holmes type of logic in the first 15 Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, then now’s your chance to see what little Suzi can do when she’s out on her own... well, almost her own.

She still lives on a luxurious yacht in Marina del Rey California with her legal Guardian, attorney Peter Sharp; and she still has her trusted bodyguard Bernie, a huge Saint Bernard - but for this adventure she doesn’t want to see the adults take advantage of her superior computer skills and grab all the credit for solving the crimes, like they have in the first 15 books that chronicled Peter Sharp’s high-profile criminal cases.

The assignment she has given herself for this first solo adventure is to figure out the identity of a murderous serial church bomber, set up a trap for him, and have the press handy when she actually attempts a citizens’ arrest, with the assist of local law enforcement. At least that’s the plan.

This would be an ambitious goal for an experienced team of sworn peace officers, but she believes she can pull it off with only the help of some people that she has become acquainted with in her work for attorney Peter Sharp: but this time, she will be giving out the assignments and making all the decisions.

To accomplish her chosen task she must make some decisions that slightly inconvenience many of the adults she usually is quite friendly with: attorney Peter Sharp’s yacht is seized by the Department of Homeland Security, District Attorney Myra Scot Sharp (Peter’s bitter ex-wife) has her home computers seized by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, and her boyfriend’s mother is believed to be a kidnap victim.

Aside from these few minor setbacks, Suzi remains determined to complete her assignment and bring this criminal to justice, notwithstanding the trail of misfortune that her closest friends are forced to endure, while she forges ahead with only one goal in mind: to put the bad guy away. And by the way, there’s a large reward being offered for information leading to this criminal’s arrest and conviction, but far be it from us to even hint that Suzi might be considering this monetary incentive, to serve society in the best way she can.

So - sit back and fasten your seatbelt, because this first Suzi B. Mystery is about to take off, and if you can handle the turbulence along the way, you may be in better shape to survive the roller-coaster ending when the entire city is put on alert to find this little detective, as the chase to catch the bad guy is joined by several local and federal law enforcement departments who all collide at one of the busiest places in Los Angeles

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