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The Secret of Eastman Springs

148 pages2 hours


Sixteen-year-old Sara Barkley has come to Benton Corners to spend the summer with her Aunt Kate. Still stunned by the recent death of her mother, Sara often seeks refuge in Eastman Springs, once a world-famous resort, but now silent and deserted. It is here Sara encounters the troubled spirit of Lacey Matthews, a young girl who disappeared eighteen years earlier.

The boys had always flocked around Lacey who was wild and unpredictable. Shy and uncomfortable Sara has just met Tom and wants very much to impress him. Lacey promises to help if Sara will help her solve the mystery that binds her spirit to the Springs.

With Lacey’s strong presence to guide her, Sara is able to charm Tom. At the same time, Sara tries to unlock the secrets behind Lacey’s disappearance. When Sara stumbles upon Lacey’s diary, the entries indicate that Sara’s own father may have been involved in Lacey’s demise. Too late, Sara realizes that she is trapped in a treacherous game that threatens the safety and well being of the people she loves.

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