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Entertaining friends and family is tough on a fixed budget. The thought of feeding your own family and/or yourself with limited funds, while keeping food interesting, is doubtful. Not so, says Richárde. Conjuring up recipes based more on small, flavor enhancing details so you cut costs on the main meat, noodle or vegetarian ingredients, each recipe is formulated to taste like fine dining and casual restaurant food experiences.

Asian Tenderloin isn't one single recipe at large but ten different ways to change the resulting flavor into different regional Asian cuisine based on the marinade. Mastered Macaroni and Cheese teaches you how simply interjecting several ingredients and the right cheese transforms cheap macaroni noodles into beloved gourmet and down home delicacies. Other recipes explain the same boring Roast Leg of Lamb, baked fish, Lamb Chops, Pan Seared Scallops and other entrees over and over rephrased, whereas you will impress everyone preparing it differently every time they come over...for a year or more!

Hissing Baked Wine Apples, served with sour cream, come out tasting like chocolate. Wicked Walnut Okra, homemade Popsicles and Italian Soda, numerous alcoholic beverages, old favorites turned new like Prosciutto Flavored Chicken Sandwiches and the Melodic Greek Tuna Melt, Chicken Corn Empandadas, Flank Steak, warm and cold side salads, Indian Salmon Casserole, Baked Halibut Fish Sticks, Greek Feta Pie, Cherry Baked BBQ Ribs and more round out the recipes. Dill Mushroom Frittata is explained in two easy steps, as are a Date Spread for cheese and crackers and other dishes.

Vegetarians will enjoy the side dishes and how tofu, once dinner's boring, ugly sister, twists around stealing the show with 20 different marinades, from the subtle Red Wine or Paprika sauces to Pumpkin Apple Spice, Coffee Raspberry Gruyere and Passionfruit Butterscotch Schnapps flavors. Vegans will be thankful for items like the Sausage-Free Irish Bangers, Lentil Sandwich, Cinnamon Pancakes and Baked Asparagus done 15 ways.

Get ready to cook everything you love...and make high end restaurant owners jealous of your home cooking!

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