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The Test of Faith Book Two of The Sanctuary Saga

211 pages3 hours


There is a story to be told and so, I shall. It is not always a matter of chance that lets you see beyond a veil or one that pulls you through a veil allowing you to experience the other side. Imagine the complete opposite of your current reality. Light, dark. Good, bad. Faith, faithless.
This is a story of the struggles of the World consumed by the Devil's blight. One warrior's struggles to overcome these factors in the past, present and future. She is the Keeper of the Tomes and in the 'present' she overcomes the struggles of paranormal activity that has manifested in her home. Transitions abound as the Apocalypse begins. This book introduces the young newly transitioned warrior squad whose faith is tested by their trek to get out of the City of Carnage. They are assigned their first mission by the Elders of Sanctuary. Your faith will be tested as are the Warriors of Light. I dare you to take this ride by candle light! Bk3 "See the Light".......glimmers on the horizon! O.G. Tomes

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