When the Goblin Moon rises, the earth trembles, tidewaters rise, hobgoblins emerge from their dens. As alchemists pore over secret texts, river scavengers discover a floating coffin carrying the ensorcelled body of a magician and his unlawful books. Elsewhere, the gentlemen blackguards known as the Knights of Mezztopholeez murder young prostitutes in perverse rituals; slavers use spells to lure innocent girls and boys, in order to ship them to brothels half a world away. Witches plague the countryside; the dead are raised untimely from their graves. Against all this stands one man, as ruthless as he is resourceful, pledged to pursue and bring to justice all those who would use magic for nefarious purposes.

"In an era of dross, when most fantasy novels seem to be only role playing games writ large, Ms. Edgerton has set out in search of the true Philosopher's Stone — her genuine writer's voice."
—Tad Williams

"Everything I wished for and more ... Excellent, excellent, excellent!"
—Kate Elliott

"As satisfying a modern novel as one could wish for. Stylish and inventive, with a unique flavor interweaving the best of the romantical reality of a particular period in history with a highly original use of fantasy elements."
— Baird Searles, Asimov's Science Fiction

Practically unique. The only thing I've read that might sit comfortably alongside it is Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
— sffchronicles

Published: Teresa Edgerton on
ISBN: 9781465967756
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