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This is my victory over the demonic. How you too can be free physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether you recognize the demonic as a higher power, physical power, spirit guide, spiritual alien, physical energy, or if you have multiple personalities, or are gay. I’ll teach how to identify and recognize demons and their goals. I'll teach what the voice in your head represents. How easy it is for demons to accomplish their goals through our own personal lusts. Their ability to pass from one generation to the following generation without obstruction through the same family.

I have spent the last 30 years searching out solutions and trying to understand the consequences of traumatic experiences in a person’s life. My wife of 17 years experienced 29 traumatic experiences including being raped three times, brother-in-law trying to kill her. I witnessed the dramatic change in her personality seeing her a few hours after murdering her baby in her womb and again after her last rape. I saw the change in her two infant children having witnessed their mother’s rape and held as hostage. I married her two years later thinking my love and forgiveness would help her heal. Instead, she and her children transferred their hate and anger to me.

Shrinks 20 years later, 1987-1988, explained to me that they felt safe, thereby transferred their hate to me, and informed me, I should look at it as a very high compliment. They explained because I practiced turning the other cheek, I will have others take advantage of me. I should look at this as a high compliment to my character.

The material in this book is designed to help anyone who has experienced a trauma or traumatic experience. The experience could be from WAR, RAPE, STOLEN FROM, ACCIDENTS OR FROM MOTHER NATURE, the person could be a witness or an intended victim.

My goal is to help one person. I pray that person be you. I pray that you have an open mind so you can finish this from cover to cover. May you receive personal freedom from anger, hate and a lack of forgiveness.

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