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One Thought from Heaven

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One Thought from Heaven unfurls the epic tale of one man's journey from victim to victor. Orphaned at two years of age, Seth Smith finds little connection in life beyond his his daily vigils as an ER nurse in Manhattan. His only "night life" is an on-going Internet chat with a heart-stoppingly beautiful young woman in Seoul, Korea. Then an encounter with best friend Pearlie Stamper's assailant hurls him into the mystic world of the Gullah, where he meets a couple of eccentric elders who lead him to a life-transforming discovery.

From the backstreets of Manhattan through the cryptic paradise of Hilton Head and St. Helena's Islands to the steamy heart of Seoul, an unstoppable chain of events draws Seth Smith on an unparalleled adventure of Self-discovery: he is indeed the master of his fate, including his mercurial relationship with the spicy Korean who's stolen his heart.

"Full of wit and wisdom, One Thought from Heaven, takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through one man's journey from hapless victim to co-creator of his world. No one who reads this book will ever view life in quite the same way." Kathryn Wall, author of the Bay Tanner mystery series.

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