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Ghost Wranglers

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"We call ourselves the Ghost Wranglers, and if you have an unexplainable problem, if something in your house goes bump in the night, call us. We can help." Meet the Ghost Wranglers: Cole, the group's leader and mastermind; Drew, the right hand man and seasoned investigator; Monica, the tech expert; and Keith, roadie and all around jerk.

The Ghost Wranglers are about to embark on what could be the biggest paranormal investigation of their careers, because tonight is the 80th anniversary of the infamous shootout between the violent Manners gang and FBI agents at the isolated Bunting Manor. While the Ghost Wranglers begin to investigate the supposedly haunted mansion, they're unaware that they're not the only living souls there.

Brother and sister Meg and Mitch McCrea, two bickering teenaged wizards, have returned to Bunting Manor on the anniversary of the shootout. Their plan? Summon the ghosts of the Manners gang and then banish them in order to find justice for their late grandfather, who was murdered by the bank robbers.

When the McCreas' ritual is interrupted, and the ghosts of the Manners gang begin roaming free around the mansion, events quickly turn nightmarish for the living. The two groups will have to band together if they are to stand any chance of surviving the vengeful ghosts.

Ghostly shootouts, talking taxidermied animals and ectoplasm in all the wrong places make for an acerbic, spirited novella from Sotirios Fox.

20,091 words.

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