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Midwest Book Reviews says:

Inside the pages of this outstanding read we meet, Phil Harmonic. Phil is looking for a special cello that he will play at the Concert Hall. After much looking he finds the perfect one and names him, Charlie. Phil takes Charlie home and begins to practice with him. Phil takes his time, is loving and caring as he takes Charlie into the very essence of the music. Soon the big day is upon them and Charlie is afraid. He knows there are so many things that could go wrong, but Phil's love and direction pull him through and Charlie does an outstanding job.

I loved this book for so many reasons. Definitely one was the exceptional way our author, Deborah Nicholson, gave the reader a tour and explanation of so many instruments. She worked different ones into the story line, telling what sounds they made, what they themselves were made of, where they came from, and the part they played in the orchestra. Each one was brought alive as they made their introductions to, Charlie. It was great and what a smart way to teach the reader. I also liked the way Ms. Nicholson showed the interaction between Charlie and Phil. Charlies fears and lack of confidence were quenched by the support, love and direction of Phil. Our author even allowed a mistake to be made during the concert and showed how victory can be present even when an error occurs. This act should definitely show adults that the same action towards children would help them overcome fear and lack of confidence in any area. The illustrations definitely brought the story to life.

All in all I am happy to recommend this read. I really enjoyed it and believe the plus is that it is also a great learning experience.

Shirley Priscilla Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

Most intruments in the orchestra are old, valued for the tone they have developed over the centuries. Charlie is a young cello though. A magical combination of wood and craftsmanship that created a lovely tone in such a young instrument.

Phil Harmonic is a musician in search of an instrument and when he is on vacation he sees Charlie and realizes he has found his cello. Together they make a great team.

Charlie flies to his new home, overcoming fears of the new things and new people he must face, and learning about trust, as he experiences stage fright while playing his symphony in the Concert Hall.

Published: Deborah Nicholson on
ISBN: 9781465789334
List price: $1.99
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