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The Strangest Creatures

47 pages38 minutes


By the author of Good Behavior, Bloomsbury, 2010, a highly recognized childhood crime memoir, comes this disturbing story of pointless self-annihilation.

"The strangest creatures roam this land..."

Aaron Cornell, FUCK YOUR WORLD tattooed on his right hand, went from being a fine student in middle school to something between a good-time party-boy and an out-and-out murderous thug between now and the time Nick saw him last. New in town and with nothing but time on his hands, Nick allows Aaron into his life, and gets a front row seat to a meaningless, violent self-destruction. At times fearing for his life, at times confused by the absurdity of Aaron's behavior, he can only marvel at the ways individuals lock themselves into their own fates. A meditation on delusion and grandeur and the futility of cheap violence.

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