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Jacinta's Destiny

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Jacinta's Destiny is a story of deep friendships, heartbreaking loss and perfect love. Unable to recover from the incapacitating grief which had consumed her since the sudden loss of her loved ones, those closest to Jacinta take her to Bali, an island close to her heart.
Both her Australian and Balinese friends provide her with unconditional support and guidence. Her journey to find acceptance and peace is a painful one. Raw emotions see her spiraling into a dangerous path of denial, guilt and depression.
This extremely emotional experience strains and threatens to end once unbreakable bonds, however making others infinitely stronger.
Within the confines of village life Jacinta finds a sanctuary that provides protection, security and healing as well as an happiness she never thought she would again find.
Unexpected love leads her on a path she had never envisioned. Relocating to Bali, The Island of the Gods, to follow her heart Jacinta absorbs the practices, the traditions, the customs and beliefs of the island she now calls home.

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